The following quote jumped out at me today because it relates directly to me. I’ve owned a successful, local business for years. Being local is a good thing, but it limits growth.

So I switched things up. Now, I do business globally. No limits to the client base and no limits to where I may operate from.
The web is here, why not make the most of it?

The end of geography.

Some of the most important inventions of the last hundred years:

Air conditioning–which made it possible to do productive work in any climate

Credit cards–which enabled transactions to take place at a distance

Television–which homogenized 150 world cultures into just a few

Federal Express and container ships–which made the transport of physical goods both dependable and insanely cheap

The internet–which moved information from one end of the world to the other as easily as across the room

Cell phones–which cut the wires

If you’re still betting on geography, on winning merely because you’re local, I hope you have a special case in mind.”

Seth Godin

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