That’s what I had to actually ask myself.

I’ve been dabbling with online business as a hobby/side gig/ for nearly ten years.

I’ve done ok considering the effort I spent.

One activity spurt that I had netted me about $40,000.00 in 90 days. Not bad, but another business I was running was doing well and required attention so I put my focus offline. While I was away from it, that company failed from weak leadership.

My next foray online I was invited to join a business that was getting underway. Partly because of my work in the previous deal.

This time I made about $50,000.00 in a little under 90 days. Part of that was $10,000.00 in a single day. Pretty cool huh?

That company sadly imploded due to an oversight on the principals part.

My mistake both times was that I had all my internet eggs in that one basket. Fortunately, I’ve had a brick and mortar business running the entire time, so I had a fallback position. A fallback that consistently produced deep 6 figure revenue.

Given what an adventurous year 2020 was, I decided it may be time for a change again. I’m hitting the internet again. This time, I’ll be involved in a variety of business at a variety of price points. I have one started now. Please feel free to take a look…

This year has shown us life is uncertain. It’s also brought to light how little control we have if we leave our fate and our livelihood in others hands. I recommend creating your own economy. Take control of your life and income. No matter your age or situation, it is up to you, no one is coming.


And keep watching this space for more to come!

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