This is the part where Keith Palmateer gets to write about himself in the third person, asking you to believe that I hired some whiz of a writer to sum up my life in a paragraph or two.

Don’t’ know where that little bit of blog baloney started, probably with some high paid Madison Avenue type writing book blurbs. I’ll play along and tell you this, from the first childhood camping trips with family and the Boy Scouts, outdoors has been where Keith is at his best. A family summer home on a Michigan lake led to a great love of the water and anything that floats, motors or sails across it. Over the years this has led to time on boats ranging from 7 to 70 feet. Whether racing around the buoys, offshore; or just cruising, boats are always near.

An early introduction to dirt bikes also fostered a lifelong love affair with motorcycles, both on and off road. There have been numerous month long tours of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico by motorcycle, Keith has also spent months at a time exploring the backcountry of the U.S. and Baja by 4-wheel drive.

Whether afloat or ashore Keith always starts the adventure where the roads or the crowds end.

When not traveling, Keith makes his home aboard his boat in San Diego, California where he sits, stares into space and ponders the vagaries of life.